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Emergency Glass Repairs in Toowoomba

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While some glass repair jobs can wait if they're not a potential threat to other people or creating a problem for security, specific types of glass repairs need to be done immediately. If the glass door to your backyard breaks or a window in your bedroom develops a severe crack, these are issues that require urgent attention.

Front and back doors that are broken put you at the mercy of the elements and of intruders, not to mention injury. Waiting days or even hours for the glass to be fixed or replaced is not an option under those circumstances. The same applies to any glass window or door damage at small and mid-sized businesses in the area. Darling At Downs Glass & Security we are proud to offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week glass replacement and repair services to clients throughout the region.

Whatever time of the day, regardless of whether it's a week day, weekend, public holiday or special occasion day, someone will be at your location shortly after you call us and explain your emergency.
Our emergency glass services include:
  • Competitive Prices
  • Glass and Mirrors Cut to Size
  • Glass Splashbacks
  • Business Premises - Commercial, Real Estate and Retail
  • Domestic - Homes, Complexes, Rentals and Units
There is nothing fun about dealing with broken glass windows and doors. Those breaks can happen at the most inconvenient times. If there are other people around, the risk of glass injuries is very high. Being exposed to the elements is a risk as well, you are then in the position of potentially having animals, bugs, insects, spiders or other creepy crawlies access your home or business due to the break.

With the help of Darling Downs in Toowoomba, those scenarios won't happen because all it takes is a call to our number, and someone can be at your location as soon as possible, ready to help.

Routine Repairs and Replacement

Our fast emergency services responses have put us on the map in Toowoomba, we also provide routine glass repair and replacement services. Not all damage results in an emergency. Perhaps a glass mirror, shower screen or interior door breaks and you can quickly sweep up the damage. In those instances, you may want to wait until we can schedule an appointment for repairs or replacement.

When we arrive at your premises, our specialist assesses the damage to see if repairs are possible. We are very skilled at what we do so we may be able to salvage your existing door or window without needing to set up a full replacement. In those instances, we can save time and money by carrying out flawless repairs that leave your glass looking brand new. If repairs are not possible at your home or business, our specialist will explain why. They examine the broken window or door and explain that it would be too expensive to repair. In these cases, we can provide a like for like replacement or set up a glass window or door that has a unique design.
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