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Custom-Made Shower Screens

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Darling Downs Glass & Security manufactures, supplies and installs beautiful, practical and functional shower screens that will enhance any bathroom. These shower screens are available in a wide variety of design styles and colours. We have many styles available for our clients to choose from. Your choices include semi-frameless, fully frameless, sliding screens and pivot door shower screens.

We also have gorgeous screens that are ideal for clients who may need to cater for someone with a disability living in their home. We can guarantee your shower screen will be manufactured and installed to the relevant specifications.

Many of our clients find the versatility of our shower screens remarkable. They are finished in a range of on trend, popular colours and can include features such as magnetic opening and closing, self-closer pivots and full-length continuous finger grip sections. We carry the latest glass styles, colours and textures, all available for you to choose from. You will get the most functional, on trend shower screens when you shop at Darling Downs Glass & Security in Toowoomba. If you would like a better idea about the options available to you, browse through the pictures on our site or visit our showroom. One of our specialists will be happy to talk with you about the shower screens we can install at your home immediately, or to discuss having screens customised and manufactured to your requirements.

Elevate Your Bathroom

A beautiful, bright and functional bathroom is key when it comes to updating and modernising your home. Improving the look and feel of your bathroom can make a huge difference to the way you feel about your home in general and can even add to the overall value of your home.

Replacing your old, worn out bathtub with a shower space can be one of the best decisions that you can make. Shower spaces take up a lot less room than having both a bath and shower, a great solution for creating a clean, organised and minimalist look in your bathroom.

Our sleek and elegant shower screens will also serve the purpose of preventing water from splashing out onto the floor of your bathroom. The almost transparent screens mean you can get maximum light into the whole shower space. They also ensure that absolutely no excess water is going to spill out into the main bathroom area as you shower.

Setting up a shower room with a beautiful shower screen will help you to maximise the space available to you. Your bathroom and shower will look sleek and elegant and you'll have more room for storing and styling your bathroom fixtures and accessories. Your whole bathroom will feel a lot more spacious and organised.

Are you ready to upgrade? Call Darling Downs or visit our Toowoomba showroom to check out the shower screens we can install at your home.
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